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What the real DAX  has to say about Daxter Miles of West Virginia after he played UK and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association Coach of the year selection.


Dax discusses the Kentucky Wildcat’s road to the perfect season.  Listen and see if you agree.  Feel free to comment or shoot back on Facebook or twitter @DaxRyanMyhand


Dax tells how basketball games in his back yard led him to play in Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, home of the legendary University of Kentucky Wildcats.  Dax elaborates on his role in preserving the legacy of an undefeated Marshall County Kentucky State Basketball Championship team.

Bristyn Prowell has just completed her third year as the Girls Basketball coach at North Marshall Middle School.

Coach Prowell talks with Dax about her experience as a player and coach.

Bristyn was on five district championship teams at Caldwell County High school, and may have set a middle school record that competes with “the Legend.”

Coach Prowell started her collegiate trek at Mid Continent University on a softball scholarship.  Her love for sports, experience and work ethic indulged her with the opportunity to play basketball and softball while studying Elementary Education at Mid Continent.

After two years, she transferred to Brescia University, then completed her degree at Murray State University.

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