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Dennis Foust a native of Marshall County played high school basketball as point guard, and founded the Marshall County Little Dribblers program.  If you have been to a Marshall County home basketball game in the past years you will recognize him as the PA announcer.    Dennis provides forty years of insights and inspiration on how to be involved in youth sports and demonstrates a dedication to the development of our kids and a commitment to our community.


Tony Bohannon recounts his first impression of the legend.

20150411_130814-Tony-Bohannon He discusses lessons he learned from sports and the value of surrounding yourself with strong coaches, friends and mentors.  You will certainly be encouraged and inspired by this conversation.

“I didn’t become a good ball player until I got cut.”

Listen for what Tony did while coaching kids when they started shutting down on him.

Tony discusses the rewards of hard work and attention to detail.

This is part One.


Dax tells how basketball games in his back yard led him to play in Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, home of the legendary University of Kentucky Wildcats.  Dax elaborates on his role in preserving the legacy of an undefeated Marshall County Kentucky State Basketball Championship team.