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Burlin Brower, McCracken County High School Boys Basketball Coach.

Burlin talks about building a program which prepares students to be successful beyond college.  He explains the importance of young players receiving the right kind of instruction so they can develop properly.

Coach Jim Mizell is on the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Baseball Career Coaching Wins Leaders.

He has a resume of success and involvement that has helped raised the level of expectations for First Region baseball.  With the support of a community, parents and area coaches he was instrumental in assembling  a Junior Varsity system to bridge the gap for developing young players.

Coach Mizell explains how he organized tryouts and consistently had teams made up of experienced upperclassmen.

Find out what almost made this coach quit early and how he knew it was time to retire after 35 years of coaching.  He offers great insights to parents, players, coaches and lovers of baseball.

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