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Allan Hatcher coached the Marshall County High School Boys Basketball team for 6 seasons and won 4 Regional championships.  Willie Akers,  Jerry West, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, C.M. Newton, Terry Birdsong, John Solomon, Mitch Cothran and Barry Goheen are just a few of the people mentioned in this interview.

These were exciting times in the Marshall County High School Basketball programs where the teams played consistently in front crowds exceeding 5,000 people.  Coach Hatcher talks about the importance of community involvement, playing tough competition and his efforts that prepared players to be successful in their adult roles and responsibilities.


Mitch Cothran dribbles while Dax watches from the bench.

Mitch Cothran is one of the all-time great shooting guards for the boy’s basketball team at Marshall County High School.  Mitch played during the Coach Hatcher era and talks about the atmosphere when Marshall County played Graves County, Oak Hill Academy and other highly ranked competitors.  Many players from those teams went on to play Division 1 basketball and in the NBA.

Mitch Cothran Shooting Legends

Marshall County Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, Dax Myhand does a follow up interview with Dennis Foust.  In Episode 10 you can reflect on how Dennis was in a life and career transition.  You will be inspired when you hear the actions of one man’s quest to build on past and current successes inside a community.

Dennis discusses the plans for Mike Miller park and key drivers that have inspired him to be involved in bringing together a volunteer oriented community that will promote economic development while investing in the youth of our community and giving tribute to those that have made it possible.

Dennis talks about creating a home for the Marshall County High School Mountain Biking team and why he is bringing back the feeder program for the Marshall County Little League Basketball program.  The Marshall County Little Dribblers is an exciting program that taught a generation of Marshals and Lady Marshals how to handle a basketball and is for children in grade K-2.

Marshall County Little Dribbler Registration – October 29 MCHS Gym

You can contact Dennis by email at

You can also support the Marshall County High School Mountain Biking team

Dax interviewed Steve Beckett on Episode 15.

Skills + Confidence + Fitness = Championships

Steve and Carson Beckett, photo used with permission from Klix photography.

Steve Beckett helped start the Mountain Bike team at Marshall County High School as a way for his son Carson Beckett to have opportunity to ride and race with  his friends.  Steve’s coaching skills combined with the team work ethic has developed into a program that consistently finishes on the podium, winning its first three attempts at State Championships.  “There is no bench, there is no starting five… if you are willing to come to practice and put in the time, you are going to get to play in the game.”  MCHS competes in the Tennessee league of NICA.  To learn more about the league visit

This is the conclusion of Dax’s interview with Terry Birdsong.
Find out what Terry considers the highlight of his career. Terry discusses his trip to the Kentucky High School State Tournament as a player and a coach. He also shares some advice about high school recruitment and the most important thing to know if your son or daughter is going to play AAU basketball.

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Terry Birdsong is the Head Coach of the Calloway County High School Boys Basketball team.

Coach Birdsong discusses some of the challenges and rewards of successful coaching.

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Evan Merrick is the Marshall County Football Head Coach.  He is embarking on his second season.  Coach Merrick describes a vision of what the Marshall County Football program can be and  the ground work that has been accomplished in his first season.

What can kids gain from playing multiple sports?  Listen and learn how Coach Merrick is building a program to succeed.

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Billy Thorpe shares his love for the game of baseball.  Despite not playing in high school, he continued to develop and grow his baseball knowledge and general love for sports and kids.  What is like to coach a team that help send young men to the majors?  Listen and find out.

Tony Bohannon recounts his first impression of the legend.

20150411_130814-Tony-Bohannon He discusses lessons he learned from sports and the value of surrounding yourself with strong coaches, friends and mentors.  You will certainly be encouraged and inspired by this conversation.

“I didn’t become a good ball player until I got cut.”

Listen for what Tony did while coaching kids when they started shutting down on him.

Tony discusses the rewards of hard work and attention to detail.

This is part One.


Eli Lathram is in his second year as the North Marshall Middle School Boys Basketball Coach.

Coach Eli discusses his coaching influences, experience and objectives.

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