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Mitch Cothran dribbles while Dax watches from the bench.

Mitch Cothran is one of the all-time great shooting guards for the boy’s basketball team at Marshall County High School.  Mitch played during the Coach Hatcher era and talks about the atmosphere when Marshall County played Graves County, Oak Hill Academy and other highly ranked competitors.  Many players from those teams went on to play Division 1 basketball and in the NBA.

Mitch Cothran Shooting Legends

EdJonesEd Jones played basketball at Benton High School scoring the first varsity basket in the Chambers Memorial Gymnasium and later coached the last Benton High School Basketball team before becoming the first athletic director of the Marshall County High School consolidation.

Jones attended college at University of Tennessee at Martin, where he held numerous records in men’s basketball.  Coach Jones emphasized with great success fundamentals and developing players to make decisions.  He continues to use his leadership development skills in mission projects through the Benton Church of Christ.