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Allan Hatcher coached the Marshall County High School Boys Basketball team for 6 seasons and won 4 Regional championships.  Willie Akers,  Jerry West, Joe B. Hall, Rick Pitino, C.M. Newton, Terry Birdsong, John Solomon, Mitch Cothran and Barry Goheen are just a few of the people mentioned in this interview.

These were exciting times in the Marshall County High School Basketball programs where the teams played consistently in front crowds exceeding 5,000 people.  Coach Hatcher talks about the importance of community involvement, playing tough competition and his efforts that prepared players to be successful in their adult roles and responsibilities.

This is the conclusion of Dax’s interview with Terry Birdsong.
Find out what Terry considers the highlight of his career. Terry discusses his trip to the Kentucky High School State Tournament as a player and a coach. He also shares some advice about high school recruitment and the most important thing to know if your son or daughter is going to play AAU basketball.

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